Friday, March 23, 2012

patio lust

If you haven't noticed (or sneezed enough) Spring has sprung!!
Time for some Patio Love.
In Fairhope (where I moved from in January) when this time comes we head to the water. 
In the afternoon everyone heads to their piers... with a totty in hand to watch the sun go down.
Yeah, I don't know why I moved either...
Just kidding! W is worth it AND there are plenty of trips planned to come home.

Seriously though, pier time has turned into patio time.
We have been revamping W's patio and it has been so fun.
Sorry, I don't want to show until I feel like we are close to finished BUT I know you would love to see some Patio Lust and some fab patio attire!
and for when the sun goes down...

Sunshine = happiness!

Gussy has loved the patio revamp as well.
He really enjoys stealing the new pillows.
Sneaky Gussy.

It is weekend time!
W and I are going to his little sister's dance recital tonight and have an engagement party to attend tomorrow.
If I am lucky (and can talk W into it) we will be painting his living room as well.

Now, back to work.
I have to finish boxing up some orders and am heading to get my nails did.
whoop whoop.


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