Monday, March 26, 2012


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3. The hot pink roses we brought Sarah for her dance recital Friday night. 
6. My new pink ombre iphone cover and hot pink nails. Please excuse the glaze all over my hand...

Monday again?
Seems like the weeks are flying by!

This morning has been pretty eventful...
As soon as I got to the studio I opened up my kiln to check out some pieces that had just finished firing. 
Coffee in hand and still a little sleepy I stood next the the kiln to enjoying the warmth and checking out the new pieces when something moving above me caught my eye. Nestled in the rafters a few feet above my head and also enjoying the warmth of the kiln was a huge black snake.
I seriously stood there for a second and thought "Is that real? Is W trying to be funny??"
Nope, big ole black snake.
Luckily the kiln is set off of the studio and under W's house so I slowly backed up, shut the door behind me and ran upstairs to get W.
My manly man took care of it, thank God.

This is the little kiln area under W's house and the snake was up in the right corner.

Great way to start the week.
How was your weekend friends?
We had such a good one.
 Engagement party with W's boys and their women. Really love these sweet new friend. 

Hope your Monday is wonderful and has nothing to do with snakes. ew!

xo friends,

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