Tuesday, March 29, 2011

she can wear the pants...

Why yes, there sure is a super star in my family.
His name is Walker Hayes and is my very own uncle.

Walker is the biggest goober I know. He has the most adorable 3 kids you done ever seen (with 1 more on the way) and Laney his wife takes the cake.
Check out his YouTube channel to see the kiddos in action.

Walker is the newest member of Capitol Records and is taking the world by storm.

Walk, we could not be more proud.... and I personally can not wait to be so incredibly obnoxious at your show Friday night!!

p.s. at the end of his video the girl in the car is sweet Laney and that is really how their relationship is!! And... if you look closely, while they are talking, that is my grandfather and Lela (walker's little girl) doing jumping jacks! :) So dadgum cute.

Friday night, I am not going to share his kids with anyone... sorry I never get to see them.
xo always,

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