Thursday, April 25, 2013

stepping it up

Gorgeous right??
 I am in the middle of revamping everything Caroline Ceramics and this gold foil logo is just a little glimpse into the exciting things my girl Hadley is creating for me.
My work has evolved so much in the past year and I feel like my branding should as well, right? 

Hadley Binion is the mastermind behind Caroline Ceramics branding.
This precious mother and very dear friend has helped me put my ideas into print and has made my business look like I know what I am doing ... which I don't half of the time!!

Here are some examples of my favorite "identities" created by Hadley.

An amazingly talented girl that is more of a blessing to me than she will ever know!

You can see more of Hadley and her sweet heart on her blog:
Or more of her designs on her website:

Getting to work with such talented and creative people is what makes my job so fun. You should absolutely use her!


  1. Caroline, love that you love my girl! And I meanwhile I am determined to own one of your beautiful pieces. YOU are mighty talented yourself!

  2. Oh you are too sweet Caroline! How am I JUST NOW seeing this??? Well, you made my night and I love, love working with YOUR adorable self!!!