Monday, April 29, 2013


Lets start this new week off bright!!

Lately in Caroline Ceramics world....

* God has been putting some sweet new people in my Raleigh life. W and I had a little dinner party on Friday night and I loved getting to really know a new "girlfriend" in his group. And, yesterday we had brunch with a precious couple that has just moved to Raleigh. SO thankful for the opportunity to make new girls!!

* Yesterday marked 5 months until I get to marry this nugget! Excited to hit our half way point in the engagement and know this time will absolutely fly by. 
ps. between Will and me, our children are so doomed with major braces...

* I have been literally working around the clock. It feels like I am just barely keeping my head above water. While I am super grateful for God blessings and provisions, I am so busy and don't know how I can keep this up. Might be time for CC to get some help around here...

* I am gearing up to head to Jekyll Island on Wednesday for the Southern C Summit.  The Summit is a conference for southern creatives and small business owners to connect and collaborate. I am excited and a little nervous as I don't know a soul, but it should be an amazing event.

Check out the event and come with!!

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Hope you all have a blessed Monday!

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  1. Caroline…I'm super excited for you and your upcoming marriage as well as your success with CRC! What will the new name be, though? Lol! If you ever want to be at Mulberry again you know we would love to have you! The summit thing sounds amazing to me! You will get to collaborate with so many great people! Keep us posted on that! And by the way…braces or no braces your children will be gorgeous! Just like the two of you!