Thursday, August 23, 2012

mountain air

W and I are heading to the mountains tomorrow. 
I have never been to his family's Blowing Rock farm but have been dreaming of it being a little something like this Garden and Gun feature.
Amazing right? 
You can see more of the Garden and Gun party barn

So excited to get away for a couple days and breathe some mountain air. 

Things have been pretty low key in the CRC studio this week.

Monday night I had a little goodbye dinner for nurse Allie. 
Sister just got an amazing job at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago and is leaving Raleigh soon. Selfishly I am so super sad!! Our goodbye hug was filled with major tears, way more tears than I thought there would be! You really see how much you lean on somebody when they have to go away.
Chicago sounds like an amazing adventure and I couldn't be more proud of my sweet sister.  
Can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for you Addie ( and to visit!! ).

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!

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