Wednesday, January 25, 2012



I am so excited.
NYC here we come!
Mom and my MeeMee are on their way right now. We are going to hang in Raleigh tomorrow to show my grandmother around and then jump on that plane Friday morning.
 I am really looking forward to stepping out of the studio for a couple of days and hopefully get some new inspiration. I have been working on making some new products but haven't hit it just yet. I think there is no place better to get inspired! 

Yesterday was W's bday. 
Thought ya'll would love to see the silly cake I made him.
What is up with the bulldog you ask??
Well, that is Gus. Will's dog, who hangs with me everyday in the studio.
Gus loves pottery and stealing my shoes.
He has been so pissed that I haven't introduced ya'll yet.
Gus is the man and I love him almost as much as W ... almost.

Have a great weekend lovies.
I'll tell you all about mine when I return!

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