Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have fallen in love.... no really I have. This Manhattan apartment from the March Architectural Digest juuust might complete me. 

From the article:
The apartment occupies a high floor overlooking Central Park and offers views in every direction, with scant skyscraper obstruction. The living room has both northern and southern exposures, which gives it the openness of a country estate. “You come up from the streets, where it’s crazy,” she says, “and it’s so peaceful and expansive here.”

Well yeahhhh I bet it is so peaceful.

I love the coziness of this room. Michael S. Smith, the decorator, wanted to connect the space to the sky instead of the greenery of the park. This intimate dining area feels like heaven in the sky to me!

A Louis XVI mahogany daybed completes the guest bedroom sitting area.

Where da gold at?? Gold Leaf adorns the walls of the wife's dressing area. 
If there was a Klimt painting hanging on this wall I probably would be crying right now.

This master bedroom is my favorite. 
The walls and fabrics are a combo of pearl-grey, cream, white, and pale lavender. Yummmmy.

When the owners get tired of this space they can retreat to one of their other properties in Los Angeles, Malibu, London, New York, or Majorca .... all designed by Michael S. Smith. Go figure.
There are lots of more photographs on this space at the Architectural Digest website.

OK, well I am going to pick up my jaw from the floor and get back to work. I'm thinking you should do the same, its bad to covet. 



  1. Beautiful post, Caroline!! AND....thank you for the BEAUTIFUL flowers! What a fun surprise and very thoughtful of you!!!!
    much love!

  2. love this room

  3. i just did a post on light grays and it reminds me of the same shades in the last photo

  4. Found you over at Erins blog! Your work is simply amazing. AND I am very discriminating. I am a Interior Designer/artist. I'm serious Caroline, you have got a heart full of talent. Am going to buy some of your work.