Friday, February 18, 2011

weekend time

Love this. The lamp shades, slip cover, and mirrored table all in front of the mirrored wall are genius. 

Suzanne Kasler. Girlfriend has got it going on. I love everything she does.

Happy weekend! I am working all weekend getting ready for a fun home show in Birmingham on Monday. Super excited. Here is the invitation if you are in the area!

Designed by Hadley.



  1. yay!! It's going to be so incredible. I cannot wait!!

  2. Great post, Caroline...Suzanne has been one of my all time favorite designers for a LONG time!!!! Emily's paintings are now coming tomorrow...however...I may not put them out until the first of next week!! I never let them go on display "till" I've seen them first!! LOL!!! We will be home by Monday night....enjoying our beach trip immensely!!!! anyway...more pieces have sold....and I wish I was going to be there for the home show! Its been so long since we've been to our house here that I'm not sure I can really ever leave!!!!!