Sunday, February 6, 2011

108 west main street

 It's so fun being a grown up (or really trying to be a grown up). 

There was a wedding of Ole Miss alumni in Birmingham this weekend and I got to see a ton of old friends. A roommate from college and the name sake of my prized Abby Collection, Miss Abby Hart came in town and we had the best time. After a much needed catch up lunch, we headed to a local bar to meet up with everyone in town for the wedding. It was so funny seeing all the people I met at a fraternity party or the grove, talking about their grown up jobs and reminiscing about old times. 

Speaking of being a grown up! My girl, Catherine Ann Herrington, just opened up her very own Design and Fine Art Shop in downtown New Albany, MS. She is beyond talented and embodies everything that makes up a TRUE southern lady. We went through Art School together (and were pledge sisters) at Ole Miss and I don't think I could have made it without her. 

Catherine Ann is the one to the left and this picture completely captures her funny personality.

Here are some images of her beautiful new shop and examples of her work!

She is definitely ready for Valentine's Day! I have the honor of getting to show CRC in this wonderful gallery soon and we are having a "meet the artist" on April 14th. Come on down to 108 West Main St, New Albany MS! It is so worth getting to met Catherine Ann.

Abby Hart you are such a blessing and a light in my life!


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