Monday, January 17, 2011

happy monday

It is a one of those grey Monday mornings here.  It is almost mean to have to get out of bed. 
I had no trouble jumping up bc these were waiting on me to pull out of the kiln...

 Milk and Honey Rose Bottle, Linen Roses Suga Vase, & Mint Julep Rose Bottle

The 2 bottles are a commissioned birthday prize and the vase is a surprise for a dear friend.
DON'T worry I am loading the kiln again this morning with work headed to 
I will post pics of what is going where.

Hadley Binion, who designs everything for me from the CRC website to my tags,
is going to help make leavie rose super cute. Stick around to see what she comes up with!
Hadley is amazing. Her designs are simple and clean.

These are my fabulous tags, always everyone's favorite part of getting a CRC original!

We also have a couple things up or sleeve to help make CRC more accessible to people not living in South Alabama. Info soon!

Hope you can get out of bed today. Have a blessed Monday.

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