Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The last 2 weeks have been a blur. An exciting and fun blur!!

Alabama was everything. William and I are so blessed with amazing friends and family. Our Fairhope parties were a blast and here are a couple tid bits from the weekend.
A perfect weekend. There was a photographer Saturday night at the Pilots so I will share a link to those images as soon as they are up!!

This week I have been working like crazy in the studio. My kiln is down again so everything is on hold  but I should be back on track tomorrow. 
Also the new Caroline Ceramics website is SO close to being finished. Lots to share soon!!!

I am picking Momma up from the airport tomorrow and we head to Chicago Friday!!
Hooray for summertime.


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  1. You are too cute for your own good! LOL! I love these pictures! And believe it or not…you remind me a lot of ME! I know that is a scary thought! But I remember being that spunky and truth be told…I still want to be! So glad you are enjoying every moment of this! I sure miss seeing you!