Friday, January 4, 2013

Will you meet us in the mountains?

I have seen some super cute blogs turn into wedding blogzillas.

Promise that Leavie will stay true to her roots ... but wanted to share this super cute thing I did to ask my besties if they would like to be sassy bridesmaids. 
William and I are having a late September destination wedding in Highlands, North Carolina and I wanted to send my girls something that would get them excited for some cool mountain air.

So, I sent each girl a super soft flannel button down with their initials on the pocket and a brochure of our fab destination spot.
A perfect way to ask my favorite people to meet us in the mountains!!
I haven't decided if we are going to use them while getting dressed the day of the wedding or not, but these flannel shirts were too cute not to share with you!!
Happy weekend!

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  1. You are precious and so are these flannels! So happy for you!! And don't be scared to post several bridal things. I'm lovin it!