Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Do you get the January blues?? I sure do. The seemingly never ending grey days always pull me down.  Amazingly this weekend the sun poked out. As we were basking in that little glimmer of Spring, Will and I were catching up with an old friend that has recently returned from Afghanistan. While he was away his sweet baby was born. Listening to the trials he has gone through in war and then his renewed hope in seeing the strength of his wife and little boy made me so thankful for my little life. No matter how grey the day, we always have something (so much!) to be thankful for. 

As I lifted my face Saturday and felt the sweet sunshine, I could feel the joy refilling in my soul. Isn't it wonderful that the little things in life can do that for us?

I hope you are feeling your rays of sunshine today. You are one of mine, you little sunshine you!!

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