Monday, October 22, 2012

Sassy Snowmen

I have some new men in my life.
Lots of them and boy are they cute!
These snowmen are full of charm and are all completely unique! I do not use molds, but throw each piece individually on the wheel and then alter with handbuilt accessories and some carving. High fired in an electric kiln, the snowmen are glazed white with either silver or gold lusters.
 Earmuff Snowman!
 Santa Hat Snowman
 Scarf Snowmen!
 Top hat Snowman!!
I really love them and know you will too!!

This weekend was wonderful and very low key.
W and I hit the last day of the North Carolina State Fair on Sunday and had way too much fun!
Way too much fun!

Hope you love my new Snowmen!! I will be making some much more SO stay tuned!!

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