Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall prizes

Well ladies and gents, I have a spooky surprise!
 I made some pumpkins.
Some white pumpkins with golden stems.
They were all thrown on the wheel (meaning that they are hollow) and then altered with hand built stems and some carving.
So fun and fabulous!
Perfect for any Fall table.

So excited about these little golden gourds!
So excited that...

Anybody want this sweet pumpkin??
It is 4" tall and 4" wide. 
All you have to do is leave a spooky comment and make sure that you are following!
Some times some of you can't figure out to leave a comment, SO if you will comment on CRC facebook page I will know that you want one too!!

Liking the CRC page will be an extra entry as well.

The other 9 pumpkins are for sale HERE.
They all need a nice home!!

Thank you all for all of the support and kind words.
I love you more than you know and wish I could give away pieces all of the time!!


  1. Love your pretty pumpkins! I want one for my fall decor!!

  2. Hi Caroline! I love the pumpkins they are adorable! You are so talented. Glad to see how great your are doing! Come visit Fairhope soon! ~ Jenna Hill

  3. These are gourd-geous (get it?! i could do) Caroline! So creative xx El

  4. They are too cute to spook! Absolutely adore the spookiness out of them!

  5. Your pumpkins are BOOOO-tiful! Wish one of them would FALL into my hands to display in my HAUNTED apartment :)yours GHOULY, AB

  6. I love the ghostly gourds. It's just a question of witch one?

  7. Love this! I have been laughing and laughing at these comments. I was being silly about the spooky comments, they don't have to be spooky!! It sure is hilarious though!! Love y'all.

  8. LOVE these pumpkins :) You're very talented!

  9. Love everything you do and these pumpkins are no exception! PS I already like CRC on Facebook.

  10. Would love to win a pumpkin! Love these!!

  11. These are sooo amazing Caroline! truly bewitching!

  12. Caroline, these are great! You are so talented - would love to add a second CRC item to my collection :)

  13. Want it. Love it. Need it. These are perfect!

  14. I love these!! You are so talented I am so jealous because I am so not talented or artistic! Ha! Would love to win a pumpkin!

    P.S. Your vase was a HUGE item at our event... THANK YOU!!!

  15. You are so talented Caroline - love these pumpkins! Perfect for fall

  16. These pumpkins are spook-tacular! Love them!

  17. Caroline,
    I love, love, love everything you do! You are so creative. Wonderful fall decoration. I want!

  18. What do ghosts serve for dessert?
    Ice Scream!

    Love these so much! Hope you are doing well!

  19. Great pumpkins by a pretty lady!!! They are the Reehl deal! Love you lots! --Mary Jo

  20. Trick or treat, promise you won't smell my feet, for want I want is nothing anyone would want to eat, if you don't pick me, I would care for this pumpkin is something I wish you will share (with me!!!!)


  21. Do you know how to fix a cracked pumpkin?

    With a pumpkin patch

    seriously though, I love these pumpkins and all their understated elegance.

  22. Double, double, toll & trouble;
    Fire, glaze, & kiln bubble.
    Stem of gold, body of white,
    So pretty, would not give anyone a fright!
    If I won one, what a glorious day.
    In my kitchen, it would be on display!

  23. Is it too late?! I'd love a pumpkin!! And I'm also following the blog and FB :)
    You are awesome!!