Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Seasons

The chill in the air this first week of Fall has found me reflecting on changing seasons; turning pages in our books and looking forward. The beginning of this year was tough for me. Moving CRC across the country ( that is a little dramatic, just over a couple of states... ) was a challenge and establishing myself in a new city an adventure. I have gone through the ups and downs of starting out new, scrapping my knees so to speak. 
With the leaves changing colors here, I am starting to feel a new season inside of me as well. I am gaining  my confidence again. New stores, a couple of huge projects in the works, and amazing new friends, I am looking to this new season with joy and excitement.   

I am ready for you Fall.
This new season is welcome with big ole open arms!

All pieces can be purchased HERE.
What do you think about the new black and gold?
I am still deciding, but calling them Golden Halo Vases and Bowls.

Those freshly planted Fall plants are from this weekend.
Love those green shades in our fabulous, handmade iron planters.

 A couple of you dear friends have set me some images of your CRCs.
Virgil got a frame!!
I love getting these and would LOVE to feature your favorite CRC piece on Leavie Rose.
Just send me some pics!!

Lastly! I wanted to share some of my friends that are heading into new seasons as well!

Southern Arrondissement got a face lift.
Catherine has some major style and a great eye.
As well as some fun give aways...
Check her out HERE.

Catherine Ann just finished some AMAZ new pillows.
Have any friends going through rush??
You can find out more HERE.

Who doesn't love Calligraphy??
How easy that you can order online!!
Check out the beautiful Jane Dolan's work HERE.

I hope you are filled with joy and excitement for Fall.
Nothing better than a new season and chapter!

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