Tuesday, September 11, 2012

blue jean baby

Pull out those blue jeans baby!!
Fall is definitely in the air, I even got to throw on a little jacket for my walk this morning.

We had an amazing girls trip to Atlanta last weekend.
Lots of shopping. Lots of eating.
When Momma, MeeMee and I get together we always get into a little trouble...

Have you guys heard of Scott's Market?
Well I had my first experience and it was overwhelming.
(How gorgeous is my grandmother??)
The market happens the 2nd weekend of every month and has just about everything.
Hopefully including CRC in January!
For any artists or collectors out there, it is only $175 a booth ... a steal for the amount of people coming through!!

Hope you guys are enjoying this amazing weather!! I just love this time of year. 

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  1. Great pics of the blue jeans. Loved your article in the Victoria Magazine. It was very inspiring!