Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who is ready for a dinner party??
I got a dining room table!!!
We found it in a small antique shop in an even smaller Alabama town.
It was beyond a steal and I can not believe how beautiful she is!
There is even another leaf.
Gus loves it and is always ready to pose for pics...
Pure excitement.

My parents drove the table up this past weekend and W and I had such an amazing time with them. It seems like every time we get to see each other there are a million events. For the first time we got to relax and enjoy just being in each other's presence ... after we put the table in place of course!!

So excited to show you the chairs I am reupholstering and painting. 
As well as a much needed paint job for the walls happening Saturday.

(I have sold the 2 Blue Vases, but the one in the middle is for sale on Etsy!)

Can not wait to have you over for dinner!



  1. That table is a great find! Um...can I keep Gus? :)

  2. Love it Caroline! So perfect and can't wait to see your chairs too. Absolutely loved seeing you the other week and so glad you had such fun time at home!