Friday, August 3, 2012


The Coveteur is getting Carrie'd Away this week and I could not be more excited.

Love me some Carrie Bradshaw.
I can't even talk about the fashion.
She was so fearless!!

What is it about Sex and the City? 
I can seriously watch episodes over and over again. 
From the fashion to the fellows, I was (and still am) hooked.
The glue for me though was the friendships. 

Girl friends are one of my favorite blessings.
While I was in Bama some of my girls from Ole Miss came down to spend a couple nights at the river.
While we don't quite have the funds (yet!!) for a closet full of Manolo's, we have had our fair share of bad relationships and stories you could not believe.
We don't have the pleasure of meeting for lunch once a week (we all live in different places all over the South East) BUT when we do get together it is magical.
There were a couple key personalities missing but we had a blast catching up and big time reminiscing.

Carrie and the gang have nothing on this crew!!

Head over to The Coveteur to get your Carrie fix.

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