Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We had a blast at Rob's wedding on Saturday.
 Sometimes I wonder if Rob and W need to tell us something.
 Bradley caught the garter. Laura miiiight have been excited.
Sweet bride and groom. We sure do love them a lot.

Sunday I came back to Bama.
It is just as wonderful as I remembered :)

Momma and Daddy picked me up from the airport and brought me straight to the River House as my fave people in the world were there.
Walker and Fam.
Be still my heart.
I am so in love with these chillens.
 Daddy Rance showing off.
 Pencil dive!
 Becket. Baylor. Chapel. Lela.
 Babies wanted to go on the boat.
PawPaw joined!
I jumped ship to Cam's skiff.
 Which made 2 others want to join too!
 It was fun for a little while until we missed Mom...
 Perfect afternoon.
 Mom and MeeMee fried up some fish that Cameron caught earlier in the week.
(how southern do I sound??)
The kids loved it. 
 I could just eat these boys up!
 Cam and I loved loving on our little cuzzies.

One of my most favorite afternoons ever and am so glad I changed my flight to see them.
Walker is a major music man in Nashville and we never get to see these guys.
( check him out www.walkerhayes.com )

Thank you Lord for precious family.

I have been soaking up every minute of being home. Lots of fun things planned! A few of my Ole Miss girls will be here Friday to celebrate the ole 25th year. Then W gets in next Wednesday for a big wedding weekend. Should be fun.

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