Friday, June 29, 2012


Last weekend my Momma and 3 of her besties ( I like to call them the YaYas ) came to Raleigh for 2 crazy days.
It was like an amazing tornado came to town.
They got to Raleigh in time for a fun alfresco dinner at W's house and the next morning we got up before the sun to hit Bald Head Island for the day. The YaYas were pumped to meet W's parents and see some Carolina coast.

They didn't have any fun.
No fun at all.

I love these women.
Mostly, I love how much they love my Momma.

The YaYas adored Mrs Betty (the hottie in black).
I think they would have taken her home with them if they could have!!

Bald Head was beautiful as ever and I CAN NOT wait to head there next Wednesday for a long 4th weekend with Will's precious family.
If I have to miss the festivities in Alabama, there is no other place I would rather be.

Miss my Momma already!!

This week I ....

have been trying to finish all of my orders. This probably means working through the weekend. Fine by me if I can hit the beach with 0 orders on my shoulders...

Met with my new bible study girls. SUPER excited about this! I don't know half of them but can't wait to start the study and fellowship with some precious girls.  

got W a little "love you" prize.
whiskey rocks
He had a couple boys over last night and sent me this pic.
I guess a "Thank you" pic was a sign that he liked them.
The whiskey rocks get super cold and do not scratch glass.

Freaked over Blake.
I need this dress. 
Don't really know what for, but I need this dress.

Hope you guys are staying cool.
It is hot out there!!
Enjoy the weekend.

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