Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Working with clay is a sweet, sweet gift that the Lord has given me to spread his word and provide for myself.
I am so thankful for it, but painting is what really brings me joy.
I can seriously sit in silence for hours painting and completely clear my mind.
There isn't half the talent with a brush in my hand but it is something that I love do and rarely ever have time to do.

 For one of W's Christmas prizes last year I decided to paint a little portrait of the Gus Man.
Gus likes to make this face when he wants something or to get out of trouble...

I was excited and in awe that everyone who saw the painting really loved it. 
That reaction gave me the confidence to want to do more.

To my surprise, one of W's friends reached out to me after seeing the painting and wanted me to paint his dad's pup.
I was honored and so nervous to say yes! 
You wouldn't think it because I really put myself out there with CRC, but I am incredibly self conscience. Obnoxiously self conscience. It was really hard for me to even have my first show 2 years ago and I still have ridiculous anxiety before each and every appearance. 
These low feelings of self confidence and worth is always something that the Lord works on with me. My art is a reflection of my soul and super frightening to put out there for people to judge ( this is a topic that I am not quite ready to totally put out to the blog world...)

Anyway, I would like to introduce you all to Virgil!
This little guys was so fun to paint and I think Alex is super excited with how it turned out.

I really love painting and the way it makes me feel.
Even if I don't do it for profit and hoard the paintings in my studio for no one to see; I have promised myself to take more time out to do it.
Not just puppies too, there are lots of other subjects that I am interested in!

Ok, thats enough putting myself out there for a month.
Back to pretty pictures.


  1. honey you are TALENTED!! Keep 'em comin!

  2. I am so proud of you my sweet caroline! You are so modest and I love that about you- but get over are amazing and I love seeing every single thing you do. It's all beautiful!

  3. Wow, you have certainly been given a GIFT! I am *not* so artistically inclined....I like to think my talents "lie elsewhere...far away from painting haha." Love the pups you painted...too cute! Hope you'll continue to pursue painting :)

  4. These are really great and your subjects are adorable!