Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Feast your beautiful eyes on some out of this world detailing. 
So much inspiration that I am literally drooling....

I know. I know.
Images are from backstage at the recent Oscar de la Renta Bridal Spring 2013 show.
Incredible! I dream of my work being this delicate, intricate, soft, layered, full of movement .... I could go on and on.

Oscar de la Renta you are a true genius!
 Such a big time inspiration even if you get to use Chantilly lace as I am working in clay.

Back to CRC world:

 Sorry for such a long absence but being home was amazing! The week went by so quick as each day was full of quality time with loved ones and art events. 

Magnolia River.
 Tuscaloosa for dinner with brother.
Not going to lie, I cried like a baby leaving him. Miss Cambo like crazy.
 Slumber party in Eutaw AL with my heart!
 The newly weds still in bliss.
 Watching the sun set from our back porch. Something we love to do.
 My precious Momma.
Not pictured was lunch with one of my favorite girls AB, afternoon with my grandparents in Montgomery, many long walks along the bay, a fabulous art show at the Ivy Cottage, glass of wine with the talented and beautiful Hadley and a girls day trip with my Momma and MeeMee to MS. Whew! Not much down time but I wanted to use every second to see the people I love best!!
You better believe I slept on both plane rides back to Raleigh.

Back to reality and work as I have been making like a crazy woman for a show at Charlotte's this Friday and the never ending pile of bridesmaid Ring Dishes. 
Is everyone getting married this summer??

Best surprise of all! Momma is jumping on a plane this afternoon to be here for my first real show in North Carolina and spending the weekend. How sweet is that??

Love you guys.


  1. so saweet. a mothers love is unconditional and true love. oh my that Magnolia River is beautiful!! Since you're only one state away now I'll have to make plans to come up for a show- details!

  2. again, LOVED seeing you last week and wish we lived closer!! what a fabulous picture from your parents back deck. sure wish that was what my view looked like! :)