Wednesday, March 14, 2012


What up Wednesday.

 Yesterday I was out with that real sweet tummy bug that has been going around. 
Not fun but feeling much better today.
Anyway, I decided washing my sheets was a must.
Welp, I ended up washing my iphone with my sheets ...
W sees it as a blessing as I have been rocking the 1G for far too long ... whatevs.

Do you ever get those moments when God's Grace almost knocks you down? 
Where his presence is really thick??
It is the best.
I had one of those today while driving to the Art Supply Store.
Man I love him so, so much.
Moving to NC and being so far away from my family has been hard. Really hard but an amazing opportunity to rely on the Lord. I find inconceivable peace in giving God all of my joys and sorrows. It makes the sorrows manageable and the joys humbling. I haven't seen my daddy in almost 3 months (makes me cry to even write that) and my stores in AL haven't been ordering as they usually do with me being away. BUT I have been making new friends and W's mom, who lives here in Raleigh, is absolutely amazing AND CRC is going into Charlotte's this week. 
Blessing everywhere. 
Joys and sorrows are all from the Lord; all for our good.

HE has us in his hands. 
Nobody could fathom loving you as much as HE does!
How sweet is that??
Give HIM everything today and see the true joy and peace that will come.
I dare ya!!

xo leavie lovas,
ps. did you look up Charlotte's?? Oh my goodness. Yay!!! Check out their facebook page HERE!


  1. Love this Caroline! Moving away is so hard and i have felt your pain before... but it's amazing how much MORE you feel God's presence when you need him the most. Congrats with all your crc success!
    p.s. if you ever need a friend I can "set you up" with one of my best childhood friends who lives there. She's super cool. Good luck with everything!

  2. Sorry for the late words of encouragement just catching up
    .... sometimes life is not about which path to follow but more so which journey to live in order to be in accordance to His will-
    I know God has you in the palm of His hand and He will provide for you financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually...
    wishing you well