Monday, February 13, 2012


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Random Monday thoughts-

1. coffee just isn't cutting it this morning ... stayed up too late watching the Grammys. I thought it was such a fun night. LL's positive hosting was such a breath of fresh air but Nikki Manaj what the hell was that??

2. AND did you see the Civil Wars? I was so excited! Nurse A introduced me to this sassy duet. 
listen to this...
yeah. I know.

3. I started sewing some pillows for W's living room and can. not. stop. I think if I picked up knitting I wouldn't sleep.

4. At Church yesterday they were talking about upcoming Ash Wednesday and I had the desire to give up something big for Lent. Something that would really have me relying on the Lord for strength. I talked to W about it afterwards and he said he would do it with me. Drum roll please ... we are going to give up  Carbs. Yes, it sounds like just a diet but I LOVE me any kinda carbs and it is going to be tough. Are you thinking of giving anything up?

5. Pretty excited about Valentines day tomorrow. I am making strawberry cupcakes later today for all of my favorite Raleigh peeps. nom. nom. nom.

6. Nurse A is moving to Raleigh in 4 days for 3 months. So pumped to have my sissie back! She is not going to be happy about the no carbs thing though...

until tomorrow!

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