Monday, December 5, 2011

NMP's wedding week!

It is finally here. My bestie's wedding week!!
I thought a little walk down memory lane was in order.
High school pictures have been left out... I wanted to still be friends after she sees this little post.
I can not tell you what a blessing it has been getting to see this girl almost everyday.
We have totally been soaking up actually being in the same town for once!!

As we were driving around last week and Nikki was showing me her new house, I embarrassingly broke down. Laughing as I was crying I told her they were happy tears. Tears of joy but also tears of the unknown. We have been "sisters" since I was in middle school. She has always been my rock. Now we are moving in different directions and to two different states. It is selfish but I am so going to miss my sister. I know it won't be the same but I have faith that the Lord knows our hearts and will keep our bond just as strong.

P, I have never been more proud!!
We are going to have the most amazing week celebrating the blessed union.
love you sissie.
I just hope I don't ugly cry as you walk down the isle.


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