Monday, December 19, 2011

abby wills

Abby got married this weekend!! She was so beautiful. I mean so so beautiful. The whole night was extra magical and super southern. I just took some candids and sadly no pics of the bride. Who does that?? But here is a little taste.

Almost all of us bridesmaids came dateless and had way too much fun being together. Lots of late night chats and dancing on stage. I am really thankful for good girl friends. We are all different and quirky in our own ways, but when put together we make a whole. 
Super cheesy, I know, but oh so true. 

Abby we love you so!! 
Hope you and the brand spankin new hubs are soakin up some sun.

Working on my last Christmas order. wahoo. Just about burnt out and can not wait to take a couple days off to enjoy my last few days living with my parents.

Love ya! 

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