Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yehaw Uhaul!

Sorry for the absence lately but I have been movin and groovin.
Mostly just moving...
Yes. You are right. Those are Alabama flags on our shinny Uhaul (what W likes to call Roll Tide flags). He ran to the store to grab some last minute things and came back with these beauts...
We loaded that thing up all day.
 Then celebrated my last night in Bham with dinner and a big ole fire.
 My parents met us the next morning bright and early. 
After packing their car to the max we headed on up!
Great weekend in Raleigh. My rents loved it and now feel better about me being so far away.

Sadly I didn't get to stay! With the holidays around the corner and being in 2 wedding in December I thought the best thing to do would be living in Fairhope and working until the first of the year. It is crazy having half of my life here and there but I am so excited and blessed with this fun move!

Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! Its gobble gobble week!! One of my favorites.

Check out how sweet Hadley is


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  1. Y'all are SO CUTE caroline!!! Can't wait to do lunch soon!