Thursday, November 3, 2011

rama jama

Big ole game this weekend!!
Wish I was going to be in the stadium with my family but I am heading to the Outer Banks NC tomorrow.
Don't worry, I am making Roll Tide treats and will be glued to the telly.
 Oh how we love that Saban!
Roll Tide Leavie Lovas.

on a heavier note
check this site out
I don't know enough to really speak publicly about politics but think this topic is so important.

My father never graduated from college, but has worked his way up to own a very successful Real Estate company that has been ranked the #1 Coldwell Banker in Alabama for the 3rd year in a row. He also has put both my brother and me through college while providing us with more than we could ever need (something that I am forever grateful for). I am so blessed to not have student loans and parents who taught me what hard work is and where it can take you. I feel that it is our God given right and responsibility to take care of ourselves. As a small business owner I know the time and energy it takes to keep things running.

I pay my taxes and live within my means. I am proud to be part of the 53%.


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