Tuesday, October 4, 2011

shades of grey

Rue and Plush Palate's Crystal has major style.
She def shows it off in her new San Fran abode featured in Rue's latest issue.
 Isn't her place lovely??
Grey is my color of choice always. 

I spent last weekend in Raleigh with ole W. 
So much fun as always and I came back with a little something to tell you Leavie friends. 
We have decided that I shall be moving for sure in December to North Carolina.
pumped to not have to get on a plane to see my bf.
 I have been praying about this move for a long time and it looks like J.C. is giving me the go ahead. SO we went looking for little apartments for me and don't worry this isn't going to put CRC behind in my orders at all, I promise! 

This is a scary and exciting little adventure! I sure am going to miss living with my girl Nurse A but I am ready to show the east coast a leeeeettle something about rosie pots!!
Look forwarding to telling you guys all about it.

I leave you with a taste of what I left in Nashville at Digs.

Hope you have a happy hump day!

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