Tuesday, October 11, 2011

olive you!

1-3 pinterest 4 barbour 5-6 pinterest 7 green egg  

one of my favorite fall colors to wear and design with.

Now that we are getting into the middle of October I am really feeling the holiday excitement! Loving that pumpkin wreath ... Hadley posted it the other day and I fell in love!

What are you guys being for Halloween?? I have an engagement party in Fairhope that weekend and am not going to get to dress up this year. 
Really upset about it! (if you know me you know i LOVE to dress up...) 
This is what W and I were planning on being, its ok you can steal our idea.
google image
Funny huh. 

Did you spot some Christmas wish prizes in this post? 
Sure is a good looking Barbour jacket and W thinks he needs a Green Egg
santa is always watching...

olive you!

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  1. i love that first outfit - awesome post :)