Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lazy Jane

Hey you guysssss.
No time for being a lazy lazy lazy Jane this week.
Big ole show this Thursday in Nashville. I would so love to see you there Leavie Friend!
Here are the deets...

I am also dropping off my first shipment of work to a surprise store in Franklin TN 
(right outside of Nashville)
I can not wait to post about this AMAZING space.

ok, ok! You twisted my arm!
The Iron Gate is the kind of space I dream of!!

Hope you had an amazing weekend.
Raleigh was wonderful as always and I went to my first ACC football game. 
Not quite like an SEC ... but we still had so much fun.

I flew home yesterday on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.
The flight attendants and sweet souls working the counters could not have been more kind and warm; making everyone in the airports feel as comfortable and safe as possible.
I was beyond impressed.
Hope we all never forget what it means to be an American!


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  1. you're so cute. I love your work caro! Miss u!
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