Monday, August 29, 2011

fall hardware

birdcage chandeliers
gorgeous and so unexpected.

more chandelier eye candy...

love it all.

Hope you had a great weekend.
This CRC girl had to majorly catch up on some work all weekend 
(2 months of not making definitely has hurt) 
Sending new pieces to Stowe's on Thursday and have a Nashville show in 2 weeks . 

Check out how sweet the Mulberry Girls are!
We had so much fun at the Sip and See.

Don't tell anybody BUT I am driving to Atlanta Wednesday to check out a store that is interested.
AS WELL AS working on a show at Oxford Floral for a football weekend.
(Oxford Floral is amazing!!)
Praying for the Bama weekend.... 
I will let ya'll know soon!
xo lovies,

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