Tuesday, June 21, 2011

papa day

Since today is officially the 1st day of summer...
I thought I would introduce you Leavie Lovas to Magnolia River.
It is our favorite place in the world and we Reehls head down as often as we can.

Puppy dog had so much fun on his beautiful father's day.
It was awesome to just have the 4 of us... it never it just the 4 of us.

Brother Bear and I went on an adventure looking for gators.

The rents went on their on little excursion.

Perfect day with my fun fam.
We ended it with Bushwackers and live music by boat at Big Daddys.

Hope you guys had a good one.

xo always!


  1. your family is absolutly beautiful !! thanks for sharing..

  2. It looks lovely. My husband was born and raised in Fairhope and We hope to retire there.....one day. Thanks for the pictures, makes me want to go.