Friday, June 17, 2011


Who doesn't kinda have a crush on gwyneth??

From movie star and style icon to rockstar wife and mother.
gf has got it going on...
I mean have you seen those legs?

uhh yea those are something to pray about.
She wowed me with her recent music debut and LOVE the cookbook.

I was BEYOND excited to find her very own bloggy.
I know! Are you jumping up and down?
Well, I am...

Who knew ole gwennie was so interesting!
Talk about a lifestyle blog. She has little tabs for Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, and See.
My fav part is that you can sign up to get the GOOP scoop every week and I am always so excited when I get my scoop email! 
I love to look through the Go section. She has the best places to eat and stay.
Fun to day dream through.

Anywho. Thought you might enjoy as much as do! 

via pinterest

Such a cutie. 

Going on until next Tuesday.

Hope you have a blessed Friday filled with laugher and love.


  1. She's always been one of my favorites as well and I love her blog! I found it a while back and had forgotten about it! Thanks for the reminder! Have a great day!

  2. GOOP is amazing! Nice find!

  3. Omg you've got me hooked on another blog!

  4. I agree. Love GOOP and am now hooked as well :)