Wednesday, April 6, 2011

who is excited?

It is just around the corner, 23 day in fact. I am excited to see what she wears but not quite this excited...

holy royal wedding memorabilia!!

xo always,


  1. Oh....come on know you want your nails like this!!! LOL!!! I can remember when Prince Charles and Lady Di got mom and I set our alarm clocks and watched it together!! It was spectacular...grand...glorious...but's a precious memory that my mom and I share!!!
    love you!

  2. Love this. I passed on the ghetto manicure and sapphire ring replica and settled for the Christmas ornament. London really is NUTS right now over it all - it was very cool to see all the prepartion and be at the Abbey beforehand! Can't wait to watch! We'll be in Oxford!

  3. Hilarious! I've GOT to have those little tea bags - so funny!