Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is the image my brother send me yesterday from his phone.
 It was taken from the porch of the DKE house in Tuscaloosa where he lives.

I have never felt that overwhelming, take your breath away fear before until yesterday while watching the news saying that this incredible force of nature was headed straight for my brother and then onto me. 

Luckily no one that I know is injured but there are so, so many victims.
The news and images are heart wrenching and absolutely terrifying.
Communities have lost absolutely everything.

Please keep Alabama in your prayers. I don't understand what God means with all of this but I do know he is completely in control. 
Lord, show everyone effected your love and mercy through all of the volunteers and sunshine today.

trying to make sense of all of this.
xo always,


  1. oh my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected!

  2. Everyone needs to keep praying as there is so much we don't even know about yet! I have a friend that has lost her sister in law and it's just heartbreaking! We sure don't ever think anything like this will ever happen to us! but, like you said....our only Hope is Hope Himself....our Lord Jesus...Author of everything!!!!