Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ole Miss = land of the poof.

I come from south Alabama, its a miracle if you can get shoes on us let alone teasing our hair.
I'm telling you my girlfriends have this hair teasing thing down to an art and I have always been enamored with it. Living in the sorority house I quickly learned that my Mississippi girls always have that comb in their purse and hairspray close by. I love it!

I found an article on thelane about the bump it and these images take me back to game day mornings at the KD house getting ready for the grove. (tear.) Kinda makes me want a mimosa...

watch out Tom Brady.... that poof will get you every time.

Cat, this post was for you! Can't wait for your bachelorette this weekend. Love you so much sista, I know there will be poofs all over the place!!

xo always!

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