Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I posted on Leavie Rose about this fabulous custom bowl and jumped the gun, almost ruining the special Mardi Gras surprise! (story of my life) 
Well... Mardi Gras has long since come and gone, crisis was adverted, and I am posting again. 

This piece was customized by the King of Juvenile Carnival Court, Benjamin Partridge Cummings Jr., for his most precious Queen Vera. Queen Vera's royal train was adorned with dragonflies so it was only fitting to add them to her special CRC bowl.
Her prize was presented by the King during her court breakfast the Saturday of Mardi Gras. (so much fun!!)

This was such a great project and I think turned out pretty fabulous. Here are some images of the piece in progress:

And the finished bowl. I wanted the dragonflies to be very subtle, just a fun surprise when looking into the piece. What do you think??

CRC loves doing custom pieces!!
Check out the amazing design work Hadley did for this royal family as well. She is pretty cool.

Are you loving this weather?? I am SO much that I moved my wheel outside. Yep. My backyard looks a little like Fern Gully right now, wild flowers (weeds) almost up to yo knees. Nurse A and I don't really know what happened to our yard man... and we have no business being around lawn mowers. But I love it, makes me feel like I am not really working!! 
Thursday CRC is having a big show at The Ivy Cottage (bringing about 30 new pieces) and  I will do the photo shoot of the new work in the jungle of a backyard I have. 

xo always,


  1. You need to start a website!!! Your stuff is great and beautiful and i LOVE IT!!

  2. Can't wait for our new shipment! Hoping for a few "Easter" surprises!! Sold one of my faves today! My friend that wanted it will be sad! :( People need to get them when they see them or they will be gone for sure! I am also thoroughly enjoying this wonderful weather! Love the Queen's piece, Caroline! Beautiful job!