Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Liza Jane

I have been working on my new line, Liza Jane. Can't wait to debut it on Leavie Rose. Liza Jane Collection is named after one of my very best friends who is such an individual and as soon as she walks into a room, Liza has every ones attention. This work captures her playful nature, is classic, and has touches of her golden luster.

This is us at Ole Miss. Love my Lou Lou.

I have also been going through all of my prized art books (love collecting them!) and it has been fun seeing what inspired me during Art School; reading notes I wrote in the margins and little designs all through old sketch books.

My favorite book is of my favorite artist, Gustav Klimt. His depiction of a woman's body is mesmerizing. While I am not aiming to capture a woman's body, I am trying to capture her spirit. I love his use of soft lines and GOLD leaf. Klimt paintings and my dear friend's spirit are both huge inspirations to the Liza Jane Collection.

Hopefully you will get to see the Liza Jane Collection soon!


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  1. i love you caroline! so thankful to have a sweet and talented friend like you. can't wait to see you this weekend and catch up. your booth will be the best one on the square. love!