Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today was such a beautiful treat! Perfect, perfect weather. I got to arrange with Buffy Hargett again. Always a blast. Check out what we did.

The front doors. So simple and elegant.


Entrance table. Can't you imagine at night with all of the candles lit? Ah!

place cards.

bride's bouquet.


The chargers are such a great find. I was obsessed and then found out they were $1.99 at Garden Ridge. You would never know.... I'm going to pick some up tomorrow. 

I have been talking with a couple galleries here in Birmingham and should have a decision for CRC with in the next week. So excited to let everyone know!! AND had drinks with Erin last night to finalize on a home show for Feb 21. Lots of fun things in the works. God is so good.

Have a great weekend. Let me know your thoughts on the wedding flowers and if you would like to get in touch with Buffy. She is too cool. 

Hope this weather stays!

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